Theme Pavilion

2017 Theme Pavilion


|  Process: Sense Making|

“Process: Sense Making” – Culture is the strategy, action, practice, and manifesto for people to face the social environment and reality. In 2017 Creative Expo Taiwan, the curatorial team does not take the design, industry and craft goods as a showcase of cultural symbol; instead, the team uses issues as a main concept through the conversation between different sectors to propose the different imagination of cultural path of the spectrum of “Wonderful Life.” The discussion of contemporary culture in Taiwan across the generations is the multifaceted context of the exhibition – the fruit of the curatorial process. “Design” is no longer what you might think before, so is “Manufacturing.”

As the curatorial concept this year “CULTURAL EXPLOSION”,it represents the energy of younger generation, the desire of change and creation, sense of life, the multidisciplinary collaboration, different interfaces and mediums, and different paths and strategies that is the energy to stimulate the fireworks of culture, industry and design. This sensational action will become an exhibition.


Curator|Pang Wang

Pang Wang, whose autonym is Yao-Pang Wang, has a master degree in art space curating in Edinburgh College of Art. He is now the person in charge of InFormat Design Curating. Besides the always highpraised curating, he also writes culture life commentary,which can be seen in every kind of media publication platform.

2016 Theme Pavilion

Savoring the Rich Eastern Culture

| World Class Style From The Huaren World |

CET has been held for 6 times since 2010. The theme this year is “Savoring the rich Eastern Culture". “Eastern Culture" is a generalized cultural idea deeply rooted in Chinese lifestyle. We appreciate and experience the good values, purify Taiwan local cultural creative ideas and promote Eastern and Western interaction through the amazing expo. So that the familiar local spirit and element shines on the international stage.


Chief Curator|Jun-Liang Chen

Jun-Liang Chen is the President and General Manager of Freeimage Design. The design of his design is simple and white and he is reputed as “the poet of design" by the media. He won the prizes, such as The Most Beautiful Poster of the World and Design for Asia Award, etc. He works on curation of cultural Taiwan and is the General curator of 2016 CET.


Curator|Toshiki Kiriyama

Toshiki Kiriyama was born in Nagano County, Japan. Kiriyama has abundant advertising and magazine publishing experiences. He is the design deputy curator of Museum of Modern Art, Toyama and the curator of Milan World’s Fair Japan Pavilion, also the designer and CEO of TRUNK LTD. He plans different kinds of exhibitions and is one of the international curators in 2016 CET.

Curator|Jimmy MacDonald

Jimmy MacDonald ( Managing Director, Tent London)
Creative entrepreneur, with a career profile spanning Director, Creative Director, Consultant, Interior Designer and internationally recognised design exhibition Founder & organiser. Listed as one of the ten most important figures in the British design industry, just ten years on from design school. Best known for Tent London & Super Brands London, the must-see exhibitions during the London Design Festival with over 450 exhibitors from 29 countries, attracting over 25,000 visitors annually.

Director of Tent London & Super Brands London

From October 2006 until now. London, UK.

Located in the creative beating heart of East London, Tent London & Super Brands London is a four-day industry event that brings together 450 exhibitors from 29 countries, including; independent designers, established brands and international country showcases.

As the destination of the annual London Design Festival over 25000 influential; retailer buyers, architects, interior designers, press, designers and design savvy public attend to see and specify the very latest; furniture, lighting, textiles, materials and conceptual installations from around the world.

Founder | East London Design District

January 2014 – January 2015. East London

Promotional website for all things design in East London, during the London Design Festival. Free event listings for all participants, promoted by Tent London and our digital marketing partners. Create a profile, list an event, we’ll do the rest!

Tent London Events

East London,2015


Curator|Morten Grøn

Design denmark is the leading trade association for the Danish design companies, designers, design educations and design students representing the interests of more than 800 members. Design denmark is as such an alliance of design doers, thinkers and users that work professionally with design.

Exhibition Experiences

  • Danish Design Award (Coperation with Dansk Design Center )
  • 15 Awards from Danish Design Award
  • Northmodern Design Exhibitions
  • Northmodern Furniture +Lifestyle
  • Other International Exhibitions / Forums